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Founded in 2018, our company specializes in Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Database and Website Design, and various other fields in Software and Information Engineering domains. Our mission is to inspire better integration of technology and humanities.
Scientia is a Latin word that stands for 'science' or 'knowledge'. An inspiring Latin aphorism "Scientia potentia est," said by Francis Bacon, one of the greatest minds in world's history, means "knowledge is power." The pronunciation of 'scientia', on the other hand, is very close to 詩宴之野 (Si-èn-tsi-iá) in the Taiwanese language, which means "the meadow of poetic feast.") We chose this name for ourselves in order to highlight our vision for the intersection of science and humanities.
Our founder Phokgoan Chioh got his Master of Science in EE (Electrical Engineering) in University of Southern California, and Bachelor of Science in EE in National Taiwan University. He worked at Information Sciences Institute for several years before he was back to Taiwan. He has years of experiences in Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, IoT network protocols, and software/firmware development in various fields. He's also the Co-Founder and CTO of a New York based start-up company Ideaslab.com .

Success Stories

With technologies like cloud computing platforms or service containerization, we develop stable and scalable cloud services and websites. We build complete solutions for web backstage/admin services that are easy to learn and manage. Based on the core contents and data of the website, we design suitable data models that can be adapt to your data pipelines for further usage. We are also capable of creating elegant and detailed plots for your data and stats. And of course, we design responsive layout of the website for computers, tablets, smart phones, or other kinds of displays.